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There is nothing more powerful than connecting with someone face-to-face. This is the premise behind RME360’s appointment setting solution – Concierge Consultation.

Let us show you why advisors around the country are seeing their production surge with our unique seminar concept. While social seminar events continue to be the most cost effective way to meet many prospects at one time, we found that some individuals prefer to meet in a more private manner to discuss their financial needs and concerns. This elusive, high net worth target audience typically consists of households with higher assets to invest, and at our Concierge Call Center, we use a proven pre-qualification process so each prospect you meet with has satisfied the criteria you established in advance.

With a one-on-one meeting, a prospect is even more engaged. By cutting the noise down and focusing on one person at a time, you can make a better long-term connection with your prospect. Unique, compliance-friendly and proprietary, our Concierge Consultation appointment setting solution is a powerful alternative to seminars or a robust addition to your marketing and lead generation plan. If setting private face-to-face appointments with high net worth clients appeals to you, be sure to reach out to one of our RME360 Marketing Advisors today to discuss one-on-one appointment setting solutions for your firm.

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