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Reaching Elusive Affluent Prospects Podcast


With 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, many high-net-worth individuals prefer to meet in a more private setting to discuss their financial needs and concerns. 

In this Podcast, RME360 President and Founder, Jorge Villar, will explain how his 1-on-1 appointment setting solution caters to your prospecting and new client acquisition needs.

Chapter 1: Why Target Baby Boomers as prospects (03:12)

Chapter 2: How did RME360 create the 1-to-1 Appointment Program (06:28)

Chapter 3: How and why does the 1-to-1 Appointment Program work (04:58)

Chapter 4: How to start or restart a 1-to-1 appointment campaign (03:54)

Chapter 5: How do I invite my ideal prospects to meet for a 1-on-1 appointment (06:24)

Chapter 6: Why it is important to give prospects a choice in where to meet for a first appointment (03:55)

Chapter 7: Pre-screening, Capturing, reporting and tracking 1-to-1 appointments (06:39)

Chapter 8: What do I do at my first 1-to-1 appointment (04:57)

Chapter 9: What are the goals for your first 1-on-1 appointment (03:30)

Chapter 10: Results from other 1-to-1 appointment campaigns and program summary (06:21)

Twenty years ago, Jorge Villar, RME360’s founder, created and introduced “SeminarSuccess” – a revolutionary seminar marketing program to the financial services marketplace. Since then, is has become the single most effective event marketing program in the financial services industry having promoted more than 485,000 events that generated more than 17 million seminar prospects for more 5,000 financial professionals in every corner of the United States.