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Data Analysis - Procurement, Modeling, Integration and Analytics

Is your data telling you the whole story? Do you truly know who your customers are or how many prospects are in a given target geographical area? RME360 turns data into action to increase response immediately. Our data service offerings are driven by rich customer insight, enabling marketers to focus on planning and executing multi-channel campaigns.

List Procurement

We partner with some of the largest and most respected data and list providers in the industry, enabling us to pinpoint the most accurate direct marketing information available today. We manage hundreds of millions of records a year for client direct marketing campaigns. This volume allows us to provide a level of service and knowledge base that no other marketing company can match. Our team of data experts draws from a broad range of selection criteria to deliver a target audience tailored for your campaign’s messaging.

Data Modeling

Coupled with our proprietary data modeling programs like Power Stats, Member Stats ResponsePoint and Data Snapshot, RME360 has the type of insight you need to find prospects who are ready, willing and able to make a purchase decision.

Data Integration

The need for integrating data can stem from many different events in your business, including acquisitions, data warehousing efforts, system migrations and consolidation of data systems. RME360 can take the worry out of finding a cost effective and efficient way to compile and integrate your data. Our innovative solutions feature industry-leading technology with no licenses, term contracts and are guaranteed to be zero defect. Our team of integration experts will evaluate your needs and provide you with recommended solutions that encompass the complete process from implementation through results.


At RME360, we take campaign analytics and tracking seriously. Professional direct marketers know that the more closely you track a campaign, the more insight you can gain. Ultimately, you can then use this insight to optimize and improve future campaigns. This is why we developed an in-house tracking engine for our TalkingMail campaigns; why we’ve been on the leading edge of the United States Postal Service’s Intelligent Mail Bar Code implementation; and why we even use QR Codes as another unique tracking element. We stay on top of new tools and technology to provide robust campaign analytics and tracking information. Arming our clients with powerful data that can be used to trigger campaign activity or refine their next campaign.

At RME360, we believe that with better data, people can make better marketing decisions. Contact your RME360 Business Advisor today to discuss ways of gaining new insights from your data today!