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Effective Seminar Marketing: If You Build It They Will Come


Several of our long-time seminar clients were skeptical at first. They told us:

 - "I've tried this before."
 - "I created terrific content, got a great caterer and only two people showed up."
 - "I just don't think seminars work for my customers."

An exploration of their marketing approach for past events highlighted why their campaigns failed. They didn't know how to fill the room. If they could solve that problem, they'd have had winning campaigns.

An empty room is a triple threat. First, there are fewer people there, so obviously your earning potential is reduced. Second, seminars are social events. Interaction and reinforcement amongst other participants increases each person's comfort level and their likelihood to buy.

When the room is empty, attendees are uncomfortable and more likely to be skeptical. Third, a good presentation becomes great when the presenter feeds off the energy of a large, engaged audience. When too many seats are empty, even the best presenter may be distracted, which the audience picks up on, increasing their discomfort. It's a vicious cycle.

With the right approach, you don't need to worry about an empty room. At RME360, we routinely generate room fill rates of 93-98%. We work with our clients to find the right locations, the best time of day, and the invitation and incentives that will most resonate with their ideal prospects.

If you build and market your seminars correctly, they will come. But a great invitation can do wonders for filling the room to capacity. Learn more about what makes our SeminarSuccess program so successful, and speak to an RME360 Marketing Consultant today to plan out your next seminar or event.