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B2B? B2C? No F2F!


There’s been a substantial volume of research and publications dedicated to the topic of marketing to businesses customers (B2B) versus consumers (B2C). While we don't deny there are differences in strategy, we have learned that whether your prospect is a business (B) or a consumer (C), they are more likely to respond with an offer that leads to an in-person connection.

We have a proven, systematic process that creates a consistent flow of leads – people who welcome a personal touch. Our process starts by analyzing your market (neighborhood/s) to determine the size of your potential audience. We then segment that audience and present you with lead generation options that we believe will yield the best results. We also work with you to: design your campaign; determine channels, messages, offers and incentives; execute the campaign; and help you manage your campaign as the audience responds.

We believe in direct marketing, but we believe it is a means to an end. The goal is not direct marketing but direct contact – face-to-face with a motivated prospect.

Our One-On-One Concierge Appointment Setting program puts you face to face with targeted, qualified prospects. Speak with a RME360 Marketing Consultant today to learn more about meeting high net worth prospects, face to face.