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Tip O'Neill famously said, "All politics is local." The same is true for marketing: no matter how large or small your campaign, the point where it succeeds or fails is with how the individual markets to the local community.

RME360 has built its reputation by creating customer acquisition campaigns designed around local marketing success. For many of our clients, more than 90% of their revenue comes from customers that live within 12 miles of their office or business.

But, of course, all customers are not created equal — even in the same neighborhood. Some customers will be motivated to come to a seminar; others prefer meeting privately in one-on-one appointments. Some prefer to communicate over the phone, some by mail and still others want to engage online.

The secret to maximizing the opportunity in your target neighborhood is to understand the need to communicate differently to engage the widest variety of potential customers. We know how to find, target and engage the prospects in your neighborhood – and get them to respond in a way that’s most comfortable and convenient for them.

Local visibility is crucial for insuring that people can find you easily when they search. Click Here to learn about LocalMotion, our program for improving local business visibility in local search.