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RME360Case Studies


At RME360, we are always interested in analyzing our successes to insure we can deliver them consistently to all our clients. Below are a few different case studies from actual clients, detailing the challenges we faced, what was done, and what the results were for the client. Feel free to read and share these studies, and feel free to contact us at 1-888-383-8770 to discuss creating a marketing plan custom tailored to your firm's goals.

Case Study: Independent Financial Planning Firm - Learn how a California financial planning company used a multi-phase approach to improve their response rate and gained a nearly 50% conversion rate at their events!
Download the IFP case study

Case Study: REIT - Learn how a REIT improved its seminar response rate by over 2400%, and lowered its cost per lead significantly using RME360 lead generation programs.
Download the REIT case study

Case Study: "Work Your Plan"- Learn how a Midwest financial advisor wanting to add $10 million in AUM worked his strategic marketing plan, reached higher net-worth clients, and exceeded his financial goals!
Download the "Work Your Plan" case study

Case Study: "Understanding Marketing"- Learn how a Kentucky-based advisor specializing in annuities used RME360 Seminar Mailings to increase his marketing ROI 500% and find new prospects.
Download the "Understanding Marketing" case study